How do I report spam or harassment?

I saw something on World Pulse that I find offensive, or otherwise inappropriate. What should I do?
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Updated 6 months ago

Here at World Pulse, we care deeply about making our community as supportive and welcoming as possible. Inappropriate posts or messages on World Pulse are rare – but unfortunately they do happen. 

There are two easy ways to report spam!

1.Click on the link the small triangle button which has an exclamation mark on it that is found on stories, comments and private messages.

For stories:

For comments:

Once you click the button, make sure to click on 'yes' so it gets reported as spam:

Alternatively, you can report it directly to the team via the chat button:

1. Let us know WHERE you saw the spam. Share the link if it was on a public post or comment. If it was a private message, provide the username that sent you the message.

2. Let us know WHY you think this message is spam. Is the person in question asking for money or advertising? Is the message offensive, disrespectful or threatening? Are you concerned that the content in the message is false? Provide the details and we will look into what happened.

If the post is found to be a violation of our terms of service, we’ll take action as soon as possible.

Although these situations can be problematic, we appreciate the effort to share your concerns and bring them to our attention. It’s members like you that make World Pulse the vibrant and inspiring place that it is!

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